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We have older females available for rehoming Click here for more...

New to UK, see this fabulous and  multi purpose trolley, available in UK soon, on the news page

Welcome to Kagoza Maine Coons


We are near Rochester, Kent, England.

Our precious babies are for indoor homes only,


Our cats enjoy normal home life, where do we sit? LOL wherever we van find a space!


Our Boys



Kagoza Regency Buck [Buck]

Black Classic Tabby and high white


Above imp. Coonshags Basic Element [Freddie], silver ticked tabby, new pattern to UK, not yet approved by GCCF, but registered with FIFe and TICA. Retired

Above Kagoza Thunderbolt, black classic tabby,  carries solid

All these boys are HCM gene neg.



FIFe CH Kagoza Bugatti,

Blue Silver Mac Tabby, carrying solid.

Sire GIC Kagoza Apollo, [red silver mac tabby] Dam Kassaro Carlotta [blue]


Kagoza Stanley

Born April 2013 Sire Coonshags Basic Element, Dam Kassaro Carlotta [blue]

Stanley is a huge boy, almost 12kg, and is now at active stud. [Photos Robert Fox,   Photopaws]

Below, our very newest boy, with thanks to Peter of Niterap Maine Coons red classic tabby,

Niterap Miami Sultan


Solly makes lovely babies, with clear tabby markings, carries solid and dilute.


Have your pet microchipped at home [Rochester area only] Just 20.00

01634 241807

I am a registered microchipper, Petlog registered chips. Kennel Club approved

 You will find photos of our Queens and Studs on their own pages,

For show dates in Felis Britannica [FIFe] please go to


Kagoza Pet Textiles

Supplier of Care Bed [Veterinary bedding]   at rock bottom prices, also fabulous pile fabrics, throws and bedding, available at some Cat Shows, or email mainecoonsrus@gmail.com  for price list photos, and postage. New page coming soon

Bulk prices for Cat Litter, delivered to your door, just ask about your favourite brand!

Feel free to browse around the site - use the navigation bar on the left hand side.

There is information on Maine Coon kittens that we may have ready now and in the future, on the kittens available page. Including our terms and prices. All pet cats/kittens are  spayed/neutered and microchipped before homing.



We sometimes have older, spayed/neutered cats to re-home, for various reasons, details will also from time to time appear on the kittens available page, they almost always will need to be only pets, in homes with no very young children.

This site is regularly updated,


Our cats and kittens are indoors with us, primarily as pets, we do not cage, they have free run of our home, and we, their devoted slaves, cater for their every whim.

Please feel free to phone

01634. 241807 (UK)


Please cut and paste above address, as clicking on it may direct you to the wrong address


We are often asked why breeders of pedigree cats keep kitten until 13-16 weeks before allowing them to go to new homes, please follow the link below, for an article  by Barbara C. French,  which gives an excellent explanation for this, you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser.

Article URL:     http://www.breedlist.com/faq/young.html


Please don't make an appointment to view, unless you are sure you will keep it, all appointments must be confirmed on the morning of the visit, if you make an appointment to view and cannot make it, let us know! We don't bite, and it beats us hanging around for hours in case you are lost.


This is Alfie, who has adopted me as his purrson, he was a stray, who now has his own house, and sleeps at night in the laundry room, so he can come and go as he pleases, sadly he refuses to allow contact from anyone else, he dislikes men and children, so he is another addition to our gang, isn't he beautiful ? Not sure I like his regular gifts of rodents, dead and alive, I think my reaction to a live rat amuses him! He has his own chalet in the garden, and if it gets very cold, he often agrees to stay in his heated bed in the utility room, but never for long, he is a free spirit!

We also had another stray  Pushkin, a lovely black and white male, who was almost wild, but became a lovely sweet boy, but still shy of strangers. Sadly he was still entire and he had FIV he became very unwell, and we had to put him to sleep. So angry that people do not care for their pets, such a sweet boy, rest easy my love, at least you had lots of love at the end of your life

Visit the site below [if it doesn't work, please cut and paste into your browser] to see more wonderful cats needing loving homes http://www.rescuedb.com/  or visit your local

Cats Protection

Sometimes strays wander into our home, I think they are attracted by our cats, or dumped by uncaring owners, we try to home them happily, or, they may appear on this page from time to time.



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